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LGV/ HGV Training

We provide professional HGV training and help you to obtain the HGV license. We also help to get you on the job. Train to be a HGV driver with our "0% Train Now Pay Later" funding scheme

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LGV / HGV Training | PCV Bus Training

The LGV, HGV, PCV and forklift training is a growing industry where there's space for professional and skilled drivers only. With experienced and determined instructors driving a lorry, bus, coach or a forklift has become much easier and beneficial. Train for a better tomorrow with us and provide your family with the security of a better life.

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HGV/LGV Driver Training

Looking for a secure and dependable job? You've landed on just the right place. With the HGV Driver Training you'll be left with a long list of job offerings and high income. We prepare you to get your hands on your HGV Cat-C, C1 and C1+E license that ensures you to pursue your career and it's numerous benefits over time. You don't need to worry about a thing as long as we are handling your HGV driver training and providing you with an easy no interest financial solution. The HGV industry demands a good training and in return rewards you with good money and great sources of success.

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PCV Bus Driver Training

Train for a PCV bus driving career today and boost your income up to £35,000 per annum. With a combination of your skills and an efficient detailed PCV Bus Driver training, you'll be highly appreciated and respected all across the country. We prepare you to get your CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) and start your career as a coach or a bus driver. After the PCV bus driver training and obtaining a PCV bus driver licence you will have a lot of potential to exceed in your field and get promoted on even better and favorable positions. With a little amount of effort and training you'll be making an ideal income every year.

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Forklift Operator Training

Forklift operators are always in demand due to the rising number of warehouses and manufacturing industries. It will be right to say that they are a backbone of the business. Without forklift operators imagine the work and effort we'd need to put in to transport things from one place to another and stacking shelves high up from the ground. With our Forklift operator training certificate course you'll have endless possibilities of making money and growing into your industry. With our Forklift Operator Training make more than £30,000 yearly with less headache and effort.

Students Who Passed Their LGV / HGV Driving Test

What Our Students Say About Us

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Glenn R (LGV C & C+E Training)

Thorough and efficient training. LGV C and C+E training with CPC, gave good instruction as well as guidance for passing my tests first time.

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Klodian H

“The professionalism and patience the training team has is excellent. They have new lorries which are perfect for learning. I would highly recommend to anyone wishing to gain a LGV licence. Thank you”.

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Kiboi H

Well done Mr Kiboi!!! Class 2 C Driver Licence Passed and Ready to Work!

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David H

Well Done David H on passing your CPC Module 4 demonstration test with ease!

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